Frozen Over​/​Mood Swing - Split

by Mood Swing

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Split with Frozen Over, released through Life.Lair.Regret Records. Frozen Over side of the record can be heard at



released March 8, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Shaun Stevenson. Mastered by Mike Deslandes. Guest vocals on "Appetite For Destruction" by Ryan Pond.



all rights reserved


Mood Swing Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Appetite For Destruction
I just want to tear you apart
Burn all traces of your existence
Remove the memories and move forward

Undying thirst to tear you down, put you back in your place
Try to be overlooked. Good luck with that, this ain’t your day
Lay it on all the line just to be tread on
Think I lack the facts but that’s the least of your problems

Appetite for destruction

Destroy every part of you that’s in my path
I've got no mercy for what I leave behind
You waste my time
There's no cure for this
Waste my time
Appetite for destruction
Track Name: DNA
Get out of the dirt
Dust the ashes from my head
Drag me through hell
This ain't the end

Won't see defeat

Calm on the surface
Burning up inside
The only way I'm going out is with a fucking fight
The test of true strength, buried deep inside
Never yield, won't let you see me fall in line

Get out of the dirt
Dust ashes from my head
Drag me through hell
This ain't the end
Track Name: Mind Your Business
If the power was in your hands
I doubt you'd be brave enough to take a stand
Rather than take action you sit idly and judge
But who are you to tell me what is right and what is wrong

Rather than pry for information that doesn’t concern you, keep it to yourself, keep your fucking distance
That forked tongue never served you well, two-faced spreading lies like a disease
Insignificant, no one will hear you
Keep your mouth wired shut

No one cares about your difference in opinion
Nor do we want to hear anymore complaining
Got something to say? Do something about it
Until then, keep your mouth wired shut

Mind your business